Product Review: The Gaiam Custom Fit Yoga Ball Chair

gaiam yoga ball chair

Gaiam Custom Fit

The Gaiam yoga ball chair is a very comfortable exercise or a yoga ball with a gliding chair like base. This balance ball chair from Gaiam has an innovative seating solution which also includes a backrest. The Gaiam Ball Chair is ergonomically correct and is helpful in tightening the core muscles and also tones your legs. It gets a great review at: . This also helps to boost the strength of the user, improve the energy levels as well as the overall body health. Most of us spend a lot of time on the office chairs and end up with bad back ache and we felt it was time when we replace our chairs with The Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair and know the difference.

Why choose the Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Yoga Ball Chair:

  • This is quite easy to carry and can be placed either in home or also in office.
  • The ergonomically correct chair provides ease to the body.
  • The ball chair has a rolling base and has 5 rolling lockable castor wheels.
  • The ball used in this chair is of 55 centimeters and is latex free. It also has a cushioned back with a metal base which can be secured.
  • The ball chair can be used to correct our posture, reduce the stiffness in the body, stretch and also helps to improve circulation.
  • Proper and regular use of this ball chair helps to enhance physical rehabilitation and prevents any spine disorders.
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Excellent product

Are there any major drawbacks after using the Gaiam Adjustable Balance Ball Chair? Though there are no major draw backs which can be stated but there are few things which everyone would like to remember. The ball chair is not as stable as the regular office chair and one needs to be more careful while rising up from the chair. The height of the Gaiam Ball Chair is not adjustable; hence if you are looking to use the same for your office or at your desk at home, then it is advised that we can adjust the monitor and the keyboard to form the right ergonomic position. There are no arm rests as well, and this would for sure take some time to get used to.

Overall, the yoga ball chair from Gaiam is pretty comfortable and the price too is affordable for an ergonomic chair.

Additional Resource:

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