carlyWelcome to Coursanatomie Home Designs.  My name is Carly Foxx.  In my previous life I worked as a private interior decorator, operating my own company for over 10 years.  With the recent additions to my life (2 lovely twins) I’ve taken on a new career path in the way of blogging about what I love, home interior decorating and home maintenance.  As this is my passion, and I wasn’t nearly ready to give it up, it was only natural that I try out the arena of blogging to keep my voice alive and stay active in my field.

What you’ll find at this blog:

  • Tips on how to decorate your home and office.  I’ll give you detailed recommendations on how to pick your furniture and art pieces, not only for aesthetics but also for its functionality.
  • Home maintenance recommendations: Looking for cheap ways to keep your dwelling in tip top shape?  I’ll recommend the best contractors in your area that can get the job done, but at affordable prices.

I really appreciate you coming by.  Please come back soon as I’ll be very active in my goal to bring my readers some great information in this field.



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